Red Deer Public School District

Pre-Kindergarten - ensuring every child is ready to learn

Red Deer Public Schools wants to ensure every child comes to school ready to learn. Those early supports are key to a child’s success.

Pre-Kindergarten fosters early readiness skills for young children. It is a time for children to build new friendships, develop strong communication, social and relationship skills. It gives children the opportunity to know how to sit at a table, how to sit at carpet, discover the magic of books and stories, learn pre-printing skills and to just be a good friend.

“It’s the best program because by the time they go to Kindergarten they have developed essential readiness skills, they can follow routines and they are ready,” said Ashley Crosby, a Pre-Kindergarten teacher with Red Deer Public Schools.

Pre-Kindergarten placements prioritizes children with an identified delay in the areas of speech and language, socialization, behaviour, and motor skills as well as English Language Learners. The child’s learning team consists of a qualified teacher, speech language and occupational therapists, educational assistance and parents. Parents are the most consistent influence in a child’s life and with school and home working together, we are able to achieve great gains for each child.

For children with no identified delays there is an option to apply for a “Paid Placement” in which parents pay a fee for their child to attend.

“I am passionate about Pre-K because it is looking at each individual child’s needs and really reaching out to get to know them as an individual, within their family context, and trying to figure out how we can help them to get ready for Kindergarten - what are the child’s needs? What does the child require help with? How can I get them there?” said Crosby.

Application for Pre-Kindergarten begins January 8th and parents are encouraged to apply early. For more information, or to complete the application for Pre-Kindergarten, please visit