Red Deer Public School District

Volunteers make a difference in students’ lives

Red Deer Public’s dedicated volunteers make a huge impact on the lives of students and staff and there are many opportunities to volunteer within the District.

One of those dedicated volunteers is Jaelene Tweedle. She has volunteered with Red Deer Public for 11 years in various capacities.

“I wanted to know what was going on in my kids’ schools and I wanted to have relationships with the teachers and get to know them on a different level,” she said, as to why she began volunteering with the District.

Tweedle volunteers at Eastview Middle School. She spends time with students and helps and encourages them with their schoolwork.

“Sometimes I am working with one or two students and sometimes I float around and help anyone who needs it,” she said.

Tweedle added she has enjoyed helping students at all grade levels, but she has particularly taken to volunteering at the middle school level.

“I really like this age. The kids are coming into their own at this age and you can get to know them. You can also see kids who may not need the academic support, but who need someone to talk to,” she said.

Kevin Robertson, Principal at Eastview Middle School said his staff and students are extremely lucky to have some dedicated parents who volunteer in the school.

“One example is Jaelene, who has provided some valuable support for our students in the area of literacy,” he said. “Jaelene has volunteered her time to support a couple of our classroom teachers by working with individual students and small groups. These students have been working on a variety of units in language arts. We have several other parents who volunteer as field trips supervisors and even one parent who has done some bus driving for us. Thank you from our entire Eastview staff!”

The value of volunteering is something that Tweedle was taught at a young age by her mother.

“It’s about building a community and doing your part,” she said.

Meanwhile, Tweedle encourages others to volunteer at their child’s school, no matter what age they are.

“It’s a great way to get to know the school. I’ve always found that by being at parent council meetings, or by being out in the community, it’s given my kids the idea that I value and respect their schools,” she said. “I think that makes them respect the school and community more, too.”