Red Deer Public School District

Don Campbell Elementary celebrates a Canadian hero

After 38 years Terry Fox’s legacy has continued to inspire people across Canada.

Last week students in Red Deer felt that inspiration from Terry’s older brother Fred Fox, as he visited Don Campbell Elementary. Fred’s goal while sharing Terry’s story was to emphasize that Terry was an average kid; and, that any child could easily strive to be just like Terry. Fred told students that through determination and hard work they can achieve their dreams and be the change in other’s lives, just like Terry.

Fred told students when Terry was in Toronto making a speech, he said, “If I don’t finish, it has to continue without me!” Terry had a goal to inspire, make a change and to raise awareness for cancer research; and, he would be proud to see that today this goal is still being achieved thanks to the wonderful students at Don Campbell Elementary, among other Canadian schools.

Terry’s mother was inspired to keep sharing Terry’s message back in 1981 and now, even after her passing, Terry’s siblings, Fred, Darrell, and Judy all focus on keeping their family’s message alive in the heart’s of Canadians. Fred is looking forward to 2020 when it will be the 40th anniversary of Terry’s run. To date, the foundation has raised more than $750 million for cancer research. Meanwhile, the foundation is always striving to keep the inspiration going with programs; such as, ‘Be Like Terry’ which is a leadership program designed to empower students and get them involved with planning their school’s Terry Fox Run.

In addition to Fred, Stéphane Pilon, a Red Deer Kayaker made a special guest appearance to speak at the assembly. Pilon has taken inspiration from Terry Fox and raised over $6,000 for his participation in Canada 150 Yukon River Quest Race, “Terry was my drive, he was my inspiration - when it got tough I just had to think of him and it kept me going.” 

There is no doubt that Terry has continually inspired Canada with his drive and tenacity. He will continue to motivate generations to come thanks to the support of Fred and his other family members; as well, as the support of Canadian citizens like Pilon.