Red Deer Public School District

150 students complete 35 different courses in summer school

The philosophy for summer school continues to change. Long gone are the days when summer school was exclusively for students needing extra help or who were catching up from the year before; now, in most cases, it’s students wanting to get that jump ahead.

Nearly 150 ambitious students were immersed in 35 different courses during the month of July as part of Red Deer Public Schools Summer School.

A number of three and five credit courses were offered this year including Biology, Chemistry, Math, English, Physics, Science, Social Studies, CALM and Physical Education. New courses offered included Foods and Psychology.

“Summer school means hard work and dedication as students are doing a semester of work in four weeks time,” said Hans Huizing, Summer School Principal, adding there were 11 instructors who led the classes this year. “The kids who are trying to catch up are getting few and far between; most of the time it’s students who are wanting a spare or they are in AP or IB and they know they don’t have room for certain classes. That tends to be more common.”

He added that students were expected to do about four hours of homework daily in addition to attending classes.

“Summer school is an abbreviated, intensive program and the students work really hard to get their courses done.”

Summer school wraps up this week with some students writing diploma exams starting Aug. 1st.