Red Deer Public School District

Honoring a Distinguished Parent

 Brad Vonkeman Recognized for Parent of Distinction Award

By: Lexi Wright

The Alberta School Councils’ Association - Parent of Distinction Award recognizes an individual who promotes parental engagement and involvement in the public education system - and Brad Vonkeman does just that.

Vonkeman is an avid supporter of Red Deer Public Schools and has also been a director, vice-president, and president of the Alberta School Councils’ Association.

Inspired by his own children, Vonkeman joined his local school council to stay in-the-know” about the education system.

“As a parent I say get involved with your local school council. It’s a great community to really support your kids”, says Vonkeman.

Bev Manning, chairwoman of the Red Deer Public school board, says Brad is very deserving of this award. 

"For many years Brad has been a parent of distinction in this district. He has shared his wisdom, hard work and insight to make all of our schools great places for students. He has brought reasoned judgement, and the heart of a loving parent to all of his interactions on school councils and various other committees. Our district is a better place because of Brad's service and leadership".

Truly exceptional in his role, Vonkeman has encouraged a variety of opportunities for parents to influence successful student learning in the school community.

“Seeing improvement in the education system, seeing kids in a healthy learning environment, making sure that kids have resources available for them - all of that is the biggest reward”, says Vonkeman.

“Alberta has one of the best education systems in the world and we can keep it that way by parents’ involvement in their children’s school”.