Red Deer Public School District
Superintendent's Office
Henry, Stu - Superintendent
Deditch, Mandy - Executive Assistant
Murchie, Alanna - Receptionist
Community Relations and RDPSD Foundation
Buruma, Bruce - Director of Community Relations, Corporate Secretary, Executive Director RDPSD Foundation
Adams, Larissa - Administrative Assistant
Black, Erin - Communications Assistant
Business Services
Cairney, Colin - Corporate Treasurer
Wearmouth, Lucille - Finance Manager
Ellertson-Skinner, Michele - Accounting Coordinator
Fraser, Sharon - School Financial Coordinator
Streit, Kimberly - Accounts Payable Specialist
Van der Hoek, Wim - Shipper/Receiver
Wallace, Jodi - Accounting Clerk
Human Resource/Payroll & Benefits
Moltzahn, Robert - Associate Superintendent
Foulston, Luella - Administrative Assistant
Bakke, Cheryl - Director, Personnel and Payroll
Doan, Deanna - Human Resources Coordinator
Jones, Trina - Payroll & Benefits Specialist, Teachers & Subs
Roberts, Lisa - Payroll & Benefits Specialist, Classified Staff & Cupe
International Education
Jette, Serge - Director of International Education
Plastow, Brian - Director of International Education
Cunningham, Kerry - Administrative Assistant
Loeppky, Lisa - International Education Coordinator
Learning Services
Golby, Nicola - Associate Superintendent
Wright, Peggy - Executive Assistant
Christen, Hayley - Coordinator, Learning Services
Jensen, Shari - Coordinator, Learning Services
Lakey, Terry - Coordinator, Learning Services
Lindsay, Purnima - Coordinator, Learning Services
Moline, Jason - Coordinator, Learning Services
St. Germain, Brian - FNMI Learning Services Teacher
Student Services
Erickson, Chad - Associate Superintendent
Skelding, Denise - Administrative Assistant
Jones, Mark - Coordinator, Student Services
Madill, Brian - Coordinator, Student Services
Matheson, Cindy - Coordinator, Student Services
Mottus-Landry, Cathy - Coordinator, Student Services
Parkins, Susan - Coordinator, Student Services
Terpstra-Fercho, Kel-Cie - Family Oriented Programming Assistant
System Services
Ruston, Della - Associate Supertintendent
Barthel, Bob - District Principal
McLellan, Tessa - Facility Bookings
Wright, Peggy - Executive Assistant
Technology And Information Services
Eberts, Ron - Associate Superintendent
Pikkert, Trevor - Educational Technology Coordinator
Paul, Dawn - IT Asset Management Specialist
Bastell, Robert - Network Administrator
Grenier, Dale - System Analyst
Lorenson, David - System Analyst
Gislason, Jeff - Hardware Support Specialist
Belanger, Carl - Information Technology Specialist
McDonald, Ed - Information Technology Specialist
Mickleberry, Shelby - Information Techology Specialist
Rebrinsky, Ryan - Information Technology Specialist
Scharf, Glen - Information Technology Specialist
Humphrey, Scott - Transportation Coordinator
Raketti, Trena - Administrative Assistant