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System Improvement

System Improvement

System Improvement is focussed on ensuring the division and our schools are providing the best teaching and learning opportunities for students. Responsibilities include:

  • Administrator Professional Development 
  • Administrator Growth Project
  • Vice Principal Mentorship
  • Dual Credit Programs
  • System Management:
  • Budget Meetings
  • Enrollment Projections using demographic software
  • School Monitoring
  • Division/School Calendars
  • Emergency Planning and Response - Hour Zero
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • School Attendance Boundaries and Accommodation
  • Student Conduct and Attendance
  • Student Transitions
  • Alberta Teachers’ Association Local 60 Educational Subsidy
  • City Wide Student Advisory Council
  • Community Partnerships
  • Working with Alberta Education

Centralized Facility Bookings

The Centralized Facility Booking Team is responsible for following the wishes of the Board of Trustees by making our facilities available for use by the community when not being used in the education of children of the Division in kindergarten to grade 12. Responsibilities include:

  • Working with the Facilities Booking Agent to allow equitable access to the community
  • Budgeting
  • Liaising with schools and community groups
  • Ensuring facilities are maintained by providing hosts and cleaning staff

For more information, please contact

Della Ruston, Associate Superintendent System Improvement

Phone:  403-357-3994


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