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The Esports Academy is offered to high school students at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School, and will be ran out of the school's new esports lab.

The goal of the Esports Academy is to teach students to look at esports not just as a hobby, but a way to develop skills that could potentially be used in a variety of careers in technology-based industries.

The Esports Academy is a way to ignite student’s interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), allowing students the opportunity to change perceptions that esports is not sitting on the couch playing video games, but is an opportunity to learn how to gain skills and knowledge which they can leverage into their future careers.

Students can focus on technology skills such as coding, computer engineering, game development, strategy and broadcasting, among others. Students will also be required to participate in sessions on fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness.

Costs: $100 per semester, High School only

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