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Waskasoo Sipi Healing Round Dance to be hosted at Central Middle

Waskasoo Sipi Healing Round Dance

Red Deer Public Schools will host a community event that will bring Indigenous Elders and community members together.

In partnership with the Indigenous community and other community organizations, the Waskasoo Sipi Healing Round Dance will take place April 20 starting at 5:30 p.m. at Central Middle School.

The community event is free and is open to the public. It will include a dinner, and a night of healing song and dance.

“It’s about using healing song and dance to come together,” said Darcy Goodrunning, President of the Foothills Society and Organizer of the Waskasoo Sipi Healing Round Dance. “It’s about healing and how we bring people together and use the spirit of the drum and song to heal our spirits and our inner selves, and also our physical selves.”

Hayley Christen, Learning Services Coordinator with Red Deer Public Schools, said it’s important for the Division to host the event.

“It’s important for our Indigenous students to see Indigenous culture and community coming into their schools. This has a huge impact on their sense of pride and belonging,” she said. “It also gives staff an opportunity to learn and have a deeper knowledge of culture and Indigenous ways of being.”

Meanwhile, Darcy said he encourages the community, young and old, to attend the event.

“Come learn and also understand one of our ways of worship,” he said. “This is one of 27 lodges that we use to heal people by way of song and by way of dance. The event is open to everyone. We encourage the community to join, come watch and to come sing and dance. Our hope one day is that this would become one of the biggest Round Dances in Alberta.”

For more information, call Darcy at 403-418-5661 or email

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