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Educational Assistive Technology

Educational Assistive Technology

  • Assistive Technology is any item, piece of equipment, device or digital program used to enhance or enable all students to have the opportunity to access meaningful curriculum. Assistive Technology can be used to support all learners and can allow them to remain in an inclusive setting.

Read & Write for Google

  • Is a multifaceted cloud-based program that facilitates students with reading and writing, learning English and research projects.
  • All readers and writers can use Read & Write's flexible set of support features within the programs and devices they use every day. Read and Write works as an enhancement to PDF and WORD documents, web pages and email.
  • Read & Write is assigned to students based on need and is used to assist students to become more independent.  All students in RDPSD have access to the basic features in Read & Write (text-to-speech).

Read & Write More Information and Help Documents

Digital Repository for Students with Special Education Needs

  • Alberta Education currently provides students with special education needs access to an online digital depository. This depository includes digital versions for grades 4 to 12 students. Alberta Education provides free access to basic textbooks for English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. The depository allows students who would otherwise struggle to access the necessary material, the opportunity to learn along with their peers.
  • PDF files of all textbooks can be used by students, along with the text-to-speech software Read & Write. 
  • However, access to this depository is limited to students who:
    • Have an Individualized Program Plan,
    • Are registered in the related course, and
    • Have a print copy of the related textbook.

iPad Technology

  • Red Deer Public Schools is currently involved in numerous school initiatives that are focused on best teaching practices, in combination with the use of iPads. These initiatives are designed to foster and facilitate student learning and engagement, through the use of appropriate apps.
  • iPads are a dynamic assistive technology, that when used correctly, can greatly enhance the learning experience of all students.
  • Devices have been distributed to all schools in Red Deer Public to assist with a variety of student learning needs.

iPad Websites

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