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Division Priorities

The highest priority for Red Deer Public Schools is the success of every child in school.

Our Division Education Plan responds to our local priorities and aspirations as well as those of Alberta education. We have narrowed our focus to key priorities and actions following extensive consultation and involvement with our stakeholders. We continue to look at a wide range of data, research and trends to ensure our planning is focused on key priorities.

To achieve this, the division has identified three key priorities that guide our work. We believe these areas provide the greatest opportunity for the division and our schools to have a significant impact on student success.

    • Literacy and Numeracy refers to the ability of students to effectively and confidently work with words and numbers.
    • Equity ensures fairness for all students through: Excellence in instruction, Support for students, Reduction of barriers or social circumstances are not an obstacle to achieving their educational potential.
    • School is about the successful journey students experience from early learning, through all grades, to high school completion, and beyond.

There are strong links between these priority areas. These are not standalone priorities, each of these areas overlap in meeting the needs of all students.

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