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City Transit Service

City Transit bus service for Red Deer Public Schools is managed by the City of Red Deer Transit Department and operates on both regular and designated school routes. Schools such as HHHS, LTCHS, Eastview Middle, and Central Middle utilize City Transit for student transportation. Eligible students will receive their City Transit passes directly from the school.

Please note the following details:

  • City Transit Routes: Regular City Transit routes are subject to changes by the City at their discretion and may not always be optimal for all students. School-designated routes are established and are not altered without consultation with RDPSD administration. These routes cover specific catchment areas designated by the schools.

  • Pass Application: Eligible students can apply for a City bus pass after August 15th each year.

For further information or assistance regarding City Transit services, please contact the Red Deer Public Schools administration.

From time to time, school route buses may reach capacity and students could be unable to board. In such cases, the driver typically advises alternative conventional bus routes that may be suitable. It's advisable for students to be familiar with a backup conventional route in case their regular school bus is full or in the event of service disruptions.

Many students opt to use conventional routes as they are often less crowded and closely follow school routes. For your convenience, the City website provides comprehensive information on all City bus routes. Additionally, for route inquiries or assistance, you can call 403-342-8225 to speak with someone who can help.

Ensuring students are aware of alternative routes and having access to route information helps mitigate potential disruptions and ensures reliable transportation options.

Busing During Diploma Exam Period(s)

City Transit will continue transporting students using regular times up to and including the last day of exams.

Grace Period

The City of Red Deer offers a two-day "grace period" at the beginning of the school year for students using City Transit services to get to school:

  1. First Two Days: Bus pass holders can ride City Transit buses to and from school without needing a transit pass during these initial two days of school.

  2. Third Day Onwards: Starting from the third day of school, students riding City Transit must have a valid Transit Pass to continue using the service.

  3. Transit Pass Application: Students must obtain their Transit Pass (Transit Application) before the end of business on the second grace period day to ensure they can continue riding City Transit beyond the grace period.

This policy ensures a smooth transition for students using City Transit for school transportation

City Transit - Application Form

All eligible students wishing to access City Transit services must complete an online Transit Bus Application each year. Please visit the Applications section of our website for information on how to apply. Eligible students can apply after Aug 15th.

City Transit - Bus Passes

Eligible students will receive an annual Transit bus pass from their attending schools. Starting in 2024/25, there will only be Unrestricted Student passes. These passes may be used anytime City transit operates during the school year, and there will not be a fee for this pass. 

Eligible Students

For the 2024/25 school year, the eligibility criteria for student bus passes are as follows:

  1. Grade 6 Students: Students who live 1 kilometer or more from their designated school are eligible to receive an unrestricted student bus pass.

  2. Grade 7-12 Students: Students who live greater than 2 kilometers from their designated school are eligible to receive an unrestricted student bus pass.

  3. HHHS Eligibility Exception: HHHS (Hunting Hills High School) will continue using 2.4 kilometers as the eligibility distance due to constraints preventing the City from adding buses to their fleet for the upcoming school year.

In cases where students live 2.4 kilometers or more from both their designated school and their school of choice, they will also be considered eligible for an unrestricted student bus pass.

Red Deer Public Schools has been engaged in discussions with City Transit management regarding the necessity for an increased fleet to accommodate new eligibility requirements anticipated for the 2025/26 school year. Discussions on this matter are ongoing.

Ineligible Students

Grade 6 students living less than 1 km from their designated school and grade 7-12 students living less than 2 kms from thier designated school are considered ineligible. If an ineligible student requires a pass, they must purchase a bus pass directly from The City of Red Deer Transit Department. 

City Transit has a Government funded program called Transit Fare Assistance Pass. This could be applicable to ineligible students if requirements are met. Here is a link to that section from the City website. Transit Fare Assistance Pass

For City Transit schedules, routes and times, website-, contact the Red Deer City Transit Help Desk at 403-342-8225,  or click  MyBus to try Transit's free trip planning tool to show the latest bus routes and schedules.

MyBus Information sheet

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