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Attendance Boundaries

Anders Park, Anders Park East, Anders SouthG.W. Smith **EastviewHunting Hills
Aspen RidgeG.W. Smith **EastviewHunting Hills
BowerMountview **  WestparkHunting Hills
Clearview MeadowsJoseph Welsh **EastviewHunting Hills
Clearview Ridge, Clearview ExtensionBarrie Wilson *CentralLindsay Thurber
College ParkBarrie Wilson *CentralLindsay Thurber
Deer Park Estates, DevonshireMattie McCullough *WestparkHunting Hills

Deer Park Village, DavenportAnnie L. Gaetz *WestparkHunting Hills

Downtown  (City Center)Mountview **CentralLindsay Thurber
Eastview, Eastview EstatesJoseph Welsh **Eastview

Hunting Hills

Evergreen, EmersonBarrie Wilson*EastviewLindsay Thurber
FairviewFairview ***CentralLindsay Thurber
Garden HeightsBarrie Wilson *CentralLindsay Thurber
Glendale Park Estates  (W. of Glendale Blvd & N. of Greig Cr)Glendale ***GlendaleLindsay Thurber
Glendale (S. side of Grant St. & W. of 59 Ave & 69 St. Dr.)Aspen Heights ***NormandeauLindsay Thurber
GrandviewMountview **EastviewHunting Hills
Hazlett LakeOriole Park***GlendaleLindsay Thurber
Highland GreenG.H. Dawe ***G.H. DaweLindsay Thurber
Inglewood, IronstoneDon Campbell **EastviewHunting Hills
Johnstone Park, Johnstone CrossingGlendale ***GlendaleLindsay Thurber
Kentwood West  (N. of 77 St. & W. of Kennedy Dr. & N. of alley behind Kelly St. & N. on Kingston Dr to lane behind Keen Cr & N. to railroad tracks.)Glendale ***GlendaleLindsay Thurber
Kentwood EastNormandeau  ***NormandeauLindsay Thurber
Lancaster, LonsdaleMattie McCullough **WestparkHunting Hills
LaredoMattie McCullough **WestparkHunting Hills
Michener Hill (West of 40th Ave.)Mountview **Eastview

Hunting Hills
Michener Hill (East of 40th Ave.)Joseph Welsh**Eastview

Hunting Hills
MorrisroeAnnie L. Gaetz **Eastview

Hunting Hills
MountviewMountview **Eastview

Hunting Hills
Normandeau North (N. of Niven St. & E. Glendale Blvd & N. of Greig Cl.)Normandeau ***NormandeauLindsay Thurber
Normandeau South (S. of Niven St. & E. of 59 Ave/69 St. Dr.)Aspen Heights ***NormandeauLindsay Thurber
North East Red Deer  (N. of 67th St. & E. of Three Mile Bend)Barrie Wilson*Eastview

Lindsay Thurber
Oriole Park  (S. of Oliver St.)Oriole Park ***CentralLindsay Thurber
Oriole Park (N. of Oliver St., S. of Overdown DR. & W. of Taylor)Oriole Park ***

G.H. Dawe  Lindsay Thurber
Oriole Park West #1 (Including Oldford, Osler, Oswald, Oldring, Oglivie and #6100 and greater on Orr Dr.)Oriole Park ***

GlendaleLindsay Thurber
Oriole Park West #2  (Remainder of areas not included in Oriole Park West #1 above)Oriole Park ***

CentralLindsay Thurber
ParkvaleMountview **CentralLindsay Thurber
PinesG.H. Dawe ***G.H. DaweLindsay Thurber

Rosedale Estates, Rosedale MeadowsBarrie Wilson *Eastview

Hunting Hills
Riverside MeadowsFairview ***CentralLindsay Thurber
South HillWest Park **WestparkHunting Hills
Sunnybrook, Sunnybrook Extension & SouthbrookG.W. Smith **Eastview

Hunting Hills
Timberlands, TimberstoneBarrie Wilson *CentralLindsay Thurber
Vanier WoodsDon Campbell **WestparkHunting Hills
Vanier Woods EastDon Campbell **WestparkHunting Hills
WaskasooMountview **CentralLindsay Thurber
West Park, WestlakeWest Park ***WestparkHunting Hills
Westerner ParkMountview **WestparkHunting Hills
WoodleaMountview **CentralLindsay Thurber

Queen Elizabeth Business Park
(West of QE2 Hwy) 

Glendale ***GlendaleLindsay Thurber

Designated French Immersion Schools

*   Barrie Wilson
**  Mountview
*** Oriole Park

Lindsay Thurber

Designated Spanish Bilingual Schools
Escuela Vista Grande
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