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Attendance Tracker

Attendance Tracker

Red Deer Public Schools provides this data as a summary of student absenteeism within our schools. Data below is determined from the ratio of students who have been reported as being absent due to illness, compared to the total student population. Information on the dashboard will be updated before 4:30 p.m. each school day.


Last Updated: September 21, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.

School NamePercentage of
STUDENT Absenteeism Due to Illness
Overall Percentage
of STUDENT Absenteeism
Red Deer Public Schools3.659.03
Annie L. Gaetz Elementary School3.807.95
Aspen Heights Elementary Schools1.418.57
École Barrie Wilson Elementary School1.584.91
École Central Middle School2.735.35
Don Campbell Elementary School2.746.61
Eastview Middle School4.938.83
Fairview Elementary School3.989.22
Gateway Christian School3.597.78
GH Dawe Community School5.04
Glendale Sciences and Technology School2.536.07
GW Smith Elementary School6.2010.47
Hunting Hills High School4.1911.93
Joseph Welsh Elementary School3.316.07
École Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School2.407.58
Mattie McCullough Elementary School1.454.11
École Mountview Elementary School4.9010.70
Normandeau School3.6911.13
École Oriole Park Elementary School3.468.11
Escuela Vista Grande School2.187.37
West Park Elementary School5.5710.99
Westpark Middle School4.8510.54

Recommended Actions

Families and all members of our school community are reminded to wash hands frequently and stay home when sick.

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